Feeding Grounds: •••••
Regent: Georg von Humboldt
Vassals: None
Tenants: Anneliese Gelhaus, Baldur Schwaneberg, Petra Schöler


Schwabing is Munich’s bohemian district, the home to artists, intellectuals and writers, with a character all it’s own. Rejecting the beer culture of the Old City, Schwabingers prefer instead to patronize cafes, many of which stay open late.

As a hamlet, it was originally founded in the 8th century and therefore is much older than Munich itself, which was founded in the 12th century. It was incorporated into the city of Munich in 1890, and claimed as the domain of Georg von Humboldt, a curiously “enlightened” Gangrel, who shares it with two Daeva members of his old coterie.

This is Schwabing’s main strip. Crowding both sides of the bustling boulevard and its side streets are scores of bookstores, antique shops, boutiques, bars and cafés with outdoor seating.

Simplicissimus_01.jpgDer Neuntöter
Der Neuntöter is an underground cabaret venue where the harpies Annaliesa Gelhaus and Baldur Schwaneberg are known to host regular stage performances that range from scathing political satire to dark melodramatic song and dance, while revelling in acts of debauchery until the early hours. Admission is by invitation or to the undead only.

Englischer Garten
The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is a vast urban park to the east of the district. At over twice the size of New York’s Central Park, it begins at the very center of Munich just north of the Residenz museum and Odeonsplatz, and continues north just over 5 km. It is Munich’s green lung and the residents’ main recreational area.


Götterdämmerung Blitzburger