Feeding Grounds: •••••
Regent: Giancarlo Cavaretta
Vassals: Johann Bransch, Klara Gerhardt
Tenants: Erdmann Bernauer, Grollmus, Hans Vollrath, Luboslaw Wozniak, Magda Havenstein


Isarvorstadt is a residential district located to the south west along the Isar river, immediately adjacent to the city center. It encompasses several neighborhoods, each with their own character, and has been carved into three smaller autonomous domains by the Regent, Giancarlo Cavaretta.


The Schlachthofviertel takes its name from the City of Munich’s slaughterhouse, located in the south of the quarter. As its name suggests, it carries the smell. The neighborhood becomes residential further north, where it meets the city center. It belongs to Johann Bransch, the Nosferatu Priscus.

It is roughly bounded to the north-west by Lindwurmstrasse, to the east by Thalkirchner Strasse and the Alter Südfriedhof, and to the south by the railway tracks of the Deutsche Bahn South Ring.


Alter Südfriedhof
The Alter Südfriedhof (Old South Cemetery), also known as ‘Alter Südlicher Friedhof’, was founded as a plague cemetery in 1563. From 1788 to 1867 it was the single collective burial ground for the dead of the city, and contains the graves of several prominent Munich figures of that period.


Glockenbachviertel is a red light district. It’s also home to the Munich’s Jewish community and millworkers. The dividing line with Gärtnerplatzviertel is the Fraunhoferstrasse.



The centrepiece of this quarter is the eponymous Gärtnerplatz, a landscaped urban square arranged as a roundabout. The square is home to cafés, bars and the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, one of Munich’s prime theatre locations. Although he has granted other parts of the Isarvorstadt district to his vassals, this neighborhood remains directly under Giancarlo’s control.

Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz
Opened in 1865 as the city’s second opera house after the National Theatre, it is one of the most active theatres in Germany. It’s season lasts from September to July.

Deutsches Museum
Deutsches Museum, the planned museum of science and technology, is currently being constructed on an island in the Isar, which also is part of the neighborhood.


Götterdämmerung Blitzburger