The Carthian Movement


The Carthian covenant (or movement) is comprised mostly of neonates and ancillae bound together by one overriding concern: Fear. Whether it is fear of their elders, or of the rapid advance of technology, Carthians believe that, in order to survive in the modern age, they must adapt and change the way things have always been done among the Kindred. This makes them a danger to elder kindred who rule by enforcing the idea that age is power, that the established order is not to be questioned.

Carthian Concepts

  • The Carthians are modern. Although the seeds of the Carthian Movement may go back to the likes of Martin Luther and the French Revolution, it has it’s true roots in the philosophical crucible of industrialized Europe, which has finally started to bear fruit in the turmoil following the Great War.
  • The Carthians explore mortal ideas. The Carthians adopt human social and philosophical constructs into Kindred society. As mortal society moves forward, the Carthians follow behind it like cultural buzzards, feeding off the herd.
  • The Carthian Movement is secular. Although the great experiment of the Carthians is political and secular, a Carthian vampire is seldom just a Carthian. They might attend Sanctified masses or Crone ceremonies; they visit with Dragons and associate with the Invictus during debates and conferences in some Elysiums.
  • The Carthians come from, and influence, all walks. The Carthians are not exclusively the young whelps in the war of ages. They aren’t (always) bomb-tossing, anarchists and revolutionaries. They’re liberal thinkers and political experimenters. Think about the 300-year-old Mekhet who joins their ranks, to whatever extent. Think of vampires who wake up from the distant past and find the Carthian Movement to their liking.

Carthians tend to cleave more closely to their mortal pasts than other vampires. This tendency, along with their willingness to work together against the oppression of the elders gives them a unique advantage and allows them to interact more effectively in mortal society which can provide them vast networks of mortal contacts and allies.

Carthians tend to move about more freely than other Kindred, often traveling to other cities, near and far, just to pick up on new ideas, trends or innovations. This makes the various Carthian groups much better connected than the more insular covenants which tend to remain static and ensconced within a single domain or city. And this gives the Carthians power as well. If another covenant moves against the Carthians of a given domain, they know (or soon discover to their chagrin) that other Carthians will soon arrive from other domains to support their brethren. The Invictus, Sanctified or Dracul within any domain know that they cannot count on such support from outside, indeed they might find other leaders of their own covenants supporting the Carthians as a way of expanding their own power from without.

Carthian Unity

The following four core beliefs are common to the Carthians, because, without these values, you’re just not in the Movement:

1. Tolerance within reason

2. Collective action

3. Individual rights

4. The duty to be a complete being

Taking Action

Carthian coteries are formed in interesting ways, one of the most common being when, during a meeting of neonates, some will see a need for something to be done (i.e. we need to take action against the Bishop because of his threat to our interests on sixth street) and they then seek out like-minded individuals willing to join to take action together. This method of leadership and coterie forming makes for short lived coteries

Such randomness and social adaptability is another reason elders justly fear and thus keep their eye on the movement. Of course there are usually more neonates than the elders have resources to watch.

Joining the Movement

Becoming a Carthian seems simple, on the surface. It’s not a covenant that demands your soul, or your humanity or your unquestioning obedience through a humiliating period of abject servitude. What the Movement demands is that you do your part, that you help others do their part and that you mean it. Or if you don’t mean it, at least put up a good façade.

However, most Carthian chapters work to include criteria for the Embrace or membership into their system of law, which may be as complex or simple as the Carthians of a domain determine, and may concentrate on the attributes of the candidate or on the hopes and desires of the citizens of the Movement.

The Carthian Movement

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