House Rules and Additions

Combat Defense

When Using Defense in a scene allow the following adjustments to apply:

Base Character Defense: remains unchanged and is a character’s Defense to be equal to the lower of her Dexterity or Wits.

Melee Ranged: A character’s Base Defense plus Athletics score. This roll is vs the thrown melee weapon attack as per the nwod GMC rules.

Melee Brawl: A character’s Base Defense score plus Brawl is rolled against a brawling attack.

Melee Weaponry: A character’s Base Defense score plus weaponry is rolled against a melee attack involving a weapon. If an unarmed character is being attacked with a melee weapon, he does not get to add his weaponry skill to his defense, but instead only uses his base defense rating.

Dodge: Normal Rules for Dodge apply, still adding Athletics to Base defense and rolling double the total result.

Dominate in Combat

Any attempts to use the Dominate discipline during combat suffer a -3 dice penalty.

Additional Fire Rule

Stopping, dropping and rolling reduces the size of the fire on a burning character by one per turn. Using an extinguisher reduces it by three, and covering someone in blankets to suffocate the fire reduces it by two.

Merit Changes

Defensive Combat (•)

Prerequisite: Brawl ••, Weaponry ••
Effect: You are trained in the art of unarmed avoidance against melee weapons in combat. This martial technique involves familiarity with melee weapons along with timed maneuvers and blocks to prevent an opponent’s weapon from landing their desired hit. When unarmed, use your Brawl + Defense instead of merely having only your base defense for defending against a melee weapon attack. Also, with the Defensive Combat Merit, you need only have a normal success for you to gain control of an opponents weapon during a Disarm attempt, instead of the traditional exceptional success. Normal rules for Dramatic failure still apply.

New Merits

K‐9 (Style, • to ••••)

Prerequisite: ​This Merit works in conjunction with a dog of least Size 3. The character must
possess Wits •••, Animal Ken ••• and share the Bonded Condition with the dog.
Effect:​ Under your supervision a dog may perform exceptional actions. You purchase this Merit for your character, who may apply it to any dog she shares the Bonded Condition with after a reasonable amount of training time together. Police and military forces are the place to go to learn to work with an animal in combat, but independent trainers might know this style as well. Note that each maneuver includes the special ability to never require an Animal Ken roll to order its use. Your character’s dog obeys without a second’s pause.
• Detection: ​Your character’s dog has been trained to detect a certain class of substances by
smell and indicate their locations. Choose from one of the following: Drugs, Explosives, Tracks, People and Corpses. When your character works with his dog it gains the Rote benefit (re­roll failed dice) on Wits + Survival rolls to detect the target substances. You may purchase this Merit multiple times for different categories.
•• Targeted Bite: ​Your character may command his dog to target specific body parts. Reduce penalties to attack specific targets by 1.
••• Tactical Positioning: ​The character’s dog knows how to position itself to make it difficult for opponents to fight you both. When acting side by side against a single opponent, one of the pair gains +1 to Defense against that opponent, and the other benefits from +2 to attack rolls targeting the opponent. Your character decides which participant gets the offensive or defensive bonus at the beginning of each turn. Finally, you never take a penalty to ranged combat rolls to avoid shooting the dog, because he avoids your line of fire.
•••• Takedown Bite: ​At your character’s command, his dog may inflict a Drop Prone or Hold grappling maneuvers on a target if it hits with a successful bite attack. The target may be no more the double the dog’s Size, however. This immediately initiates a grapple. Dogs may employ the above maneuvers along with Break Free, Control (opponent’s) Weapon and Damage.

House Rules and Additions

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