The Ordo Dracul


The Dragons pride themselves on thorough research, careful application of the scientific method and strict adherence to rules of secrecy.

Core ideas

  • The central tenet of the Ordo Dracul is that nothing is permanent. Everything changes, vampires included, and understanding that change is necessary for transcendence.
  • The base laws are the Principia Draconis: A Dragon has no loyalty above his studies; A Dragon must understand, accept and embrace purposeful change; A Dragon is responsible for all she is and all she does.
  • To the Ordo Dracul, the ends always justify the means. This is not to suggest that she is unconcerned with theft and murder but does imply that for most Dragons, such things will nearly always take a back seat to more scholastic concerns.

Mentor and Protégé

No relationship better defines the Ordo Dracul than that which exists between a mentor and her protégé. Once the relationship is established, it can last for decades and even centuries.

A student is expected to be respectful of his mentor, to listen to his words and observe his actions, and to learn something from the experience. A mentor’s role is to act in a way deserving of that respect, to show the student something enlightening and explain it in a way that will ensure the lesson will be learned.

A Student typically has only one Master, but a Master may have several protégé, and will often foster competition between them.

The Sworn of Dracula

Allegedly founded by the three brides of Dracula himself, three different branches exist that conduct the order’s research for an optimized approach. Each is given specific areas of authority as well as duties so that those Dragons best suited for one type of service to the Order are put to that use and not wasted on occupations they are ill-fit to assume.

  • The Sworn of the Axe, the protectors of the lore of the Ordo Dracul
  • The Sworn of the Dying Light, the researchers and librarians of the Ordo Dracul
  • The Sworn of Mysteries, the political organ of the Ordo Dracul

Local Hierarchies

Local Dragons are subjects to a Kogaion, who acts as the local keeper of Ordo activities and Wyrm Nests. Kogaions are supported by Commanders, Dragons of high status who act as arbiters for Juris Draconis, the jurisdiction within the Ordo. Many of them a part of the Sworn and are thus bound to their specific oaths.

Below them are the bulk of the local Dragons, who seek to master the Coils and continue their Requiem, as well as the Slaves that have yet to find mentors.


The Dragons struggle with Humanity a great deal.

Their experiments often involve death. Of course, a possible consequence of remaining impassive in the presence of such displays of immorality is a withering of the Man. Some mentors regard this temporary loss of ground to the Beast as an acceptable and inevitable form of change, endemic to the vampiric condition.

The Ordo Dracul

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